Dreadful people unite to urge tolerance of Russian actions in Ukraine

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Dreadful people from all across the British political spectrum have united to explain that Russian actions in invading Ukraine are ‘not that bad really.’

Nigel Farage and his Brexit friends, far-left antisemites, ‘controversial’ radio talk-show hosts and shit-thick Twitter trolls have all joined together as one to explain that it’s probably all NATO’s fault and we should all just let Russia do what it likes as it’s all quite far away and, really, Mr Putin is actually quite nice.

“Look, there are some immigrants! And they’re doing things,” said Arron Banks, co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign.

“That’s the sort of thing we should be focussing on. Russia are only involving themselves in Ukraine to protect their former territory from the EU.

“That’s certainly what I’d imagine anyway. It’s never, ever been proven in court that I’ve ever met any Russians.”

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Meanwhile, someone from the ‘Socialist Coalition for Peace’ suggested that perhaps Israel was behind the invasion.

“Open your eyes, people. I saw a YouTube video that showed one of these so-called Russian soldiers actually speaking in what sounded like a heavy Israelian accent.

“It’s all a false flag to turn the West against a peaceful Russia, and NATO is playing right into their hands.”

It is expected that pro-Russia ‘Ukraine Research Group’ or similar will be set up imminently by the sort of Tories who like Brexit, hate Green policies and think people who die of Covid are just putting it on to get a day off work.

It has never been fully established how all these dreadful people are financed.