Do you remember Covid? A NewsThump retrospective

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With the country now totally back to normal, cast your mind back and see if you can remember the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid. Social distancing. Self-isolation. Masks. Is there a faint bell ringing in the back of your mind?

I know, right? The whole pandemic thing seems like a strange dream, now half-forgotten in the morning sunlight. A bit like Manchester United being great at football or Prince Andrew being guilty.

Simon Williams looks back at more interesting times.

“I was rummaging in my pocket for a tissue when I came across a piece of material with two little bits of elastic attached,” he said. “I stared at it for a few seconds before realising it was a face mask.

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“Well, that took me back to the heady days of yesterday!

“People laugh at shell suits but do you remember the Covid fashions – having to dress up like a ninja to do a bit of shopping? Just to stop people dying! What on Earth were we thinking?

“The mortality rate was so high that the nightly news used to provide a rolling death toll! It’s true – don’t you remember? I guess now it’ll just be a graph showing all the brilliant benefits of Brexit or something.

“Oh, and all that working from home business – endless trouserless Zoom calls from our bedrooms just so we didn’t ‘spread the virus.’ Now it’s weird to think there used to be an actual virus going around, isn’t it?

“I was definitely relieved when Boris decided the pandemic was over. However, like most periods of my life, there are certain things I miss about that time.

“My grandparents mainly, if I’m being honest.”