Stay away from cliff edges during the storm, warns TV reporter standing just feet from a cliff edge

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A field reporter for a TV channel has urged viewers not to even consider going to dangerous locations like the one from which they are currently reporting.

With the Met Office issuing a rare ‘Red’ weather warning for wind across much of southern England today, news channels are doing their best to encourage the public to stay safe at home, by putting their reporters onto beaches, high rooftops, cliff edges and up cranes.

“Under no circumstances venture outside your house!” bellowed Simone Williams, a field reporter for Sky News, just inches away from the edge of a battered clifftop in Devon.

“And certainly do not go to the coastline, where gusts exceeding 70mph are likely and WHOAAAAA-”

The feed then quickly cut back to the studio, where one of the stunned presenters said, “Er, that last glimpse we had of her disappearing over the edge of that two hundred foot cliff should serve as a reminder to under no circumstances venture outside.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine.

“She needs to be, as we’re sending her out to cover tornado season in America later this year.”