Opinion: I will not stay at home in fear of a storm that 99.999% of the population will survive

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The mainstream media has been too quick to buy into the fear narrative of the so-called experts, and no one is focussing on the fact that Storm Eunice is incredibly unlikely to kill you.

Our freedoms were fought for over centuries, and I for one, am not about give them up just because some so-called expert at a computer says it might kill me.

“Might” – yeah right. Talk about a massive caveat. They know it won’t kill me, but they don’t care. It’s all about control.  If they can make you stay at home purely because they say you might get killed by a little bit of moving air (and that’s all a storm really is!), then they can make you do anything.

Do not be a sheep. Resist.

I’ve done my own research on YouTube this morning, and now that I’m an expert in meteorology I can safely say that this is a massive hoax. Even someone with one GCSE like me can see it, so why can’t you?

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Someone will be making a lot of money by getting everyone to stay at home scared of the so-called storm. I don’t know who they are, how they’re doing it, or why they’re doing it, but that’s just more proof of how good they are at hiding themselves from us.

History will not look kindly on those of you who cowered at home at the merest hint of danger by authorities determined to enslave you. I blame this woke generation of softies. You’re all too weak.  They should bring back national service. Not that I had to do it, but it would be good for the people a lot younger than me.

A few years on the front lines and you wouldn’t be scared of a bit of wind. You’d be more like me, strong and brave and… wow, that gust was really loud… right, I’ll be under the kitchen table if you need me.