Man on BigJet TV having the best day of his life

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The highlight of Britain’s stormy weather has been listening to the guy on BigJet TV having the absolute best day of his life.

BigJet TV, which pretty much nobody had even heard of until a few hours ago, has become Britain’s go-to entertainment as it broadcasts Jumbo Jets landing at Heathrow in high winds.

A joyous combination of skilful pilots outmanoeuvring huge flying lumps of metal in extreme weather conditions and a man with a niche hobby suddenly finding himself the most interesting thing in the entire country, BigJet has gone viral – resulting in the presenter rising to the occasion like a fairground owner confronted with an unexpected horde of children all wanting a go on the rides.

“It’s a perfect storm, really,” he didn’t tell us because we just made it up and he’s too busy presenting to the nation, but really he should say it because it’s a really good pun.

“Millions of people working from home coupled with high winds and bloody great aeroplanes bouncing around then landing safely with a cheerful commentary just seems to have caught the imagination.

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“And the nicest thing about it all is everyone is just joining in cheerfully and celebrating as they land, rather than being twats and hoping for an accident.

“Isn’t it lovely when that happens?”