Katie Hopkins crushed by mysterious flying farmhouse

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Katie Hopkins’ feet were seen protruding from underneath a Kansas farmhouse today.

The resident of the house, known only as Dorothy, was initially mortified to discover her farmhouse had killed a person.

“Oh no, Toto! What have we done?” cried Dorothy.

“We didn’t mean to, it was an accident! I’m so sorry!” declared the girl, to the gathered crowd.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t worry, love,” said local resident, Simon Williams.

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“That’s Katie Hopkins under there. I can tell by the Swastikas on her shoes. You’ve done mankind a favour, if anything.

“Hey, everybody, this girl just killed Katie Hopkins!” bellowed Williams, to excited cheers from the crowd.

“DING-DONG, THE WITCH IS DEAD! THE BIGOT WITCH, THE RACIST WITCH,” sang the crowd, dancing a jig and doing a dosey-doh with each other.

“…I must say this is all in the most appalling taste,” argued a nearby Jacob Rees-Mogg, who was immediately advised to “shut the fuck up”.