Anti-stormers and Eunice-sceptics gather on South West coast

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Brave anti-stormers are refusing to live in fear or believe the mainstream media’s ‘narrative’ today.

Storm Eunice is landing in Britain today, bringing 90mph winds and a “risk to life” warning from the Met Office.

“HOAX!” bellowed Simon Williams, an anti-stormer, as he stood on the pier in shorts and a t-shirt, the wind howling through the gap between his ears.

“This is fiction. There is NO STORM! All of you sheep have been taken in by Big Weather again!

“Do I need to mention Michael Fish? DO I??? Because I think I’m going to! I’ve done my own research, and in all the videos I watched on YouTube not a single one mentioned Storm Eunice. Because it’s NOT REAL!

“You can all live in fear in your houses, like stupid sheep, but I’m going to enjoy the great outdoors and” …was as far as Simon got before being hit in the face by a flying STOP sign.

“Ah, truly a message from God,” chuckled weather expert, Hayley Rice.

“This isn’t a hoax, it really is very serious. We really do urge everyone to stay indoors UNLESS you’re a weather reporter like me, in which case you must go to the most dangerously exposed spots you can find wearing nothing but a cagoule you picked up from Primark.”