Man baffled as wheelie bin filled with nothing but cardboard doesn’t last full night on pavement

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A man is baffled this morning after finding that his wheelie bin full of cereal boxes and cardboard didn’t last the full night on the pavement outside his house.

Simon Williams, who had placed the bin outside for collection, during a massive fucking storm, was shocked and confused this morning after looking out of his window to find the bin had actually blown over.

Speaking earlier, still scratching his head he told us, “I’m baffled, I really am.

“I put my paper bin out last night as usual despite the being a massive fucking storm, and the bin weighing next to nothing even when full.

“And this morning on its side, halfway up the street. I mean, I did not see that coming at all.

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“I thought there was absolutely no chance whatsoever that a bin containing a number of empty boxes and various scraps of paper will blow over covering the street in shite.

“Obviously I could have waited until this morning to put it out early and stop it flying into about five parked cars.

“But instead I just pushed it up against the fence a bit last night to keep it really secure during 50mph winds.

“I just wish I’d have thought it through a bit more when I put it out last night.

“And maybe faced it the other way, or put an extra newspaper in there to weigh the whole thing down.”

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