The Queen could afford Prince Andrew’s settlement by making her own packed lunch and ditching Netflix, insists Kirstie Allsopp

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Television presenter and personal finance expert Kirstie Allsopp has told the Queen not to worry about paying Prince Andrew’s huge legal settlement, because a little belt-tightening is all that’s needed.

After news emerged of Prince Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Giuffre reaching potentially £12m, Allsopp was quick to point out that it would be easy enough to pay if the Queen is just a little bit more careful with her money over the coming months.

She told her followers, “Everyone is focussing on saying how much it is, without considering how easy it would be pay if you actually tried.

“Too many monarchs these days cry poverty when it comes to paying the legal bills of their errant children, and frankly, finding the money is not as difficult as they make out.

“When I was younger, saving vast amounts of money was easy, as I’m sure it will be for the Queen.  She just needs to ditch the breakfasts of avocado on toast and cancel her Netflix membership.

“Maybe she could consider walking instead of taking the horse-drawn golden carriage every now and again. Or her next royal banquet she could serve beans on toast instead of stuffed quail.

“All these little things all add up to quite a lot, and though I haven’t done the maths, I think it’s probably about three months, at most, before she’ll have saved £12m.

“If she follows my simple money-saving tips she’ll have paid Prince Andrews legal fees in no time at all.”