Man who sets the Wordle answers is just really unhappy at home

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The man who has been setting the Wordle answers has been having a bad time of it at home lately, according to reports.

Simon Williams, whose job it is to come up with a tricky but not impossible five-letter-word every day for the entertainment and pleasure of a word game-loving audience told us that he’s having some relationship problems and what’s it to you?

He confirmed that he doesn’t seem to think it is affecting how he does his job in any way, however.

“Yes, me and my wife have been going through a rough patch thanks to her schutpping that bastard James, her tennis coach,” Williams acknowledged. “And then people have the verve to cavil at the words I’m setting.

“The ungrateful cow didn’t even say thanks for the nacre earrings or that snood I bought her and it stressed me out. I might as well just have been a bit of gnurr.

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“Maybe I just need to get some sloom.

“Hey yeah, those are some pretty good ones. I’ll set those. That’ll show those two… I mean, make a tricky puzzle.”

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