We must reject cancel culture and have the freedom to say what we like, insists man making it illegal to protest against his government

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People should be free to say anything they like, unless you are saying mean things about the people in charge of the country, according to co-chairman of the Conservative party Oliver Dowden today.

Dowden enjoyed an all-expenses-paid jolly to America to give a speech in which he lambasted the ‘woke’ ideology that sees people facing consequences for saying and doing things that other people don’t like.

However, Dowden was quick to point out that this is very different from his own government bringing in legislation to make it potentially illegal for people to protest against anything the government does or says.

Dowden told those lucky enough to get first-hand experience of his brilliant mind at the Heritage Foundation event, “Woke ideology is a cancer, and we must fight it. This is about FREEDOM.

“True freedom means people should be free to say whatever they like, free from consequences or concerns it might upset someone. Well, unless the thing you want to loudly say is derogatory towards my government. Then it should be illegal. Freedom has its limits, obviously.

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“No, I completely reject your assertion that my position is logically inconsistent and riddled with hypocrisy.  Woke dogma is a blight on society, as it seeks to shut down opinions I like in the most violent and vitriolic manner – so it must be defeated. Whereas the legislation we’re hoping to enact is only going to shut down opinions we don’t like – so it must be enacted.

“See? They could not be more different.”

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