Huge queue forms at Palace on news that Prince Andrew is giving away money to people he’s never met

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News is emerging of a huge queue outside Buckingham Palace after people learned that Prince Andrew is willing to give away millions of pounds to people he’s never met.

Just minutes after Prince Andrew settled his civil case with Virginia Giuffre by writing her a massive cheque, people began gathering at the palace in the hope they, too, will be made a millionaire despite never having interacted with Prince Andrew in any way whatsoever.

Simon Williams, 45, told us, “No, I’ve never met Prince Andrew, but if he is to be believed – and why wouldn’t you believe him – then he never met Virginia Giuffre either.

“So if he’s suddenly decided to start giving money to people he’s never met for no reason other than they asked for it, I thought I’d try my luck and ask for some.  I’m not greedy, a three hundred grand would be fine.

“I thought I got here quite quickly, but there are already a few hundred people in front of me.  It should be okay, I hear he’s loaded.”

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Meanwhile, the palace has asked for people to stop turning up to join the queue, insisting the Prince is not giving away free money.

A spokesperson explained, “We would like to place on record that Prince Andrew is not giving away vast sums of money to women he’s never met.  Apart from that Giuffre woman, who he has definitely never met, but decided to give a lot of money to anyway.

“It was definitely a one-off.

“Until the next one, anyway.”

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