Man who stayed up for the Super Bowl enjoying full day of telling everyone he stayed up for the Super Bowl

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A man who stayed up late to watch last night’s Super Bowl is enjoying a full and frantic day of telling everyone he knows that he stayed up for last night’s Super Bowl.

Simon Williams, a self-proclaimed ‘crazy sports fan’ and a die-hard Buccawokneers supporter since at least Thursday or Friday, woke up this morning after only 3 hours of sleep and promptly started telling the world he’d stayed up.

Speaking earlier he told us “Did you watch the game?

“No I don’t mean the Liverpool match, I mean THE game, I stayed up for it. Oh yeah, always do. Had an all-nighter.

“It’s the biggest sporting event on the planet, for Americans, so you’ve just GOT to watch it, definitely.

“I got myself a load of pizzas, and bottles of Bud, like you’re supposed to, and some chips, and by that I mean crisps, and just kicked back and watched my man Mike Staffrey bring it home.

“I’ve already put it out there on Facebook, telling people how tired I am, because I stayed up watching the game. And sent WhatsApps to pretty much everyone I know.

“I just wish I was actually in the office and not working from home, so I could walk around to a few desks, and slip it into conversations.

“Anyway, at least I have a Teams meeting in an hour, so I can act all tired and tell everyone there what an absolute ledge I am, for staying up watching the game.

Asked what the final score was we were told, “Erm… like a touchdown- nil or something.”