Monday 14 February 2022 by Mark Molloy

Man who stayed up for the Super Bowl enjoying full day of telling everyone he stayed up for the Super Bowl

man stayed up to watch Super Bowl

A man who stayed up late to watch last night’s Super Bowl is enjoying a full and frantic day of telling everyone he knows that he stayed up for last night’s Super Bowl.

Simon Williams, a self-proclaimed ‘crazy sports fan’ and a die-hard Buccawokneers supporter since at least Thursday or Friday, woke up this morning after only 3 hours of sleep and promptly started telling the world he’d stayed up.

Speaking earlier he told us “Did you watch the game?

“No I don’t mean the Liverpool match, I mean THE game, I stayed up for it. Oh yeah, always do. Had an all-nighter.

“It’s the biggest sporting event on the planet, for Americans, so you’ve just GOT to watch it, definitely.

“I got myself a load of pizzas, and bottles of Bud, like you’re supposed to, and some chips, and by that I mean crisps, and just kicked back and watched my man Mike Staffrey bring it home.

“I’ve already put it out there on Facebook, telling people how tired I am, because I stayed up watching the game. And sent WhatsApps to pretty much everyone I know.

“I just wish I was actually in the office and not working from home, so I could walk around to a few desks, and slip it into conversations.

“Anyway, at least I have a Teams meeting in an hour, so I can act all tired and tell everyone there what an absolute ledge I am, for staying up watching the game.

Asked what the final score was we were told, “Erm… like a touchdown- nil or something.”

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