Kurt Zouma did nothing wrong, insists ‘cat in a bin’ lady

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A woman who became famous after putting a cat in a wheelie bin has today leapt to the defence of West Ham footballer Kurt Zouma.

French International Zouma was filmed drop-kicking a cat in a video shared across social media, in a move ‘cat in a bin’ lady described as ‘pretty sweet’.

She went on, “Look, it’s just a cat. They are filthy animals that deserve to go in the bin, or at the very least kicked towards the nearest one.

“This is ‘cancel culture’ gone mad.  First, they tell you that you can’t pick a random cat and put it in a bin, then the next day they tell you that you also can’t drop kick them across the kitchen. So what are you supposed to do with them?

“What’s the point of a cat if you can’t use them to work out all of your personal frustrations? If you’re having a bad day who are you supposed to take it out on?”

Meanwhile, West Ham have defended their decision to include the defender in the starting line-up last night, insisting that a club owned by porn barons sees no issue whatsoever with one of their players hammering a pussy.