Jimmy Carr suggests he can make amends by changing his name to Jimmy Caravan

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Jimmy Carr has agreed to show solidarity with all the outraged non-Travellers who haven’t watched his new Netflix show yet, by agreeing to change his name to Jimmy Caravan.

The move come after complaints from hundreds of people who have not yet watched the Netflix special, otherwise we’d have certainly heard about the other, equally offensive gags delivered during the show.

Caravan, a youthful-looking 49, said, “Am I further offending the travelling community by using the moniker ‘Caravan’? Do all travellers use caravans? Or should I be more sensitive and inclusive to those using alternative mobile abodes?

“I’m sure those same no-context people who haven’t seen the show could help me out here.

“Assuming they don’t just read the middle of that sentence and not the rest.

“I told a single paraprosdokian joke concerning Travellers in the show, while simultaneously pointing out – because many people are completely unaware – that Travellers were also victims of the Holocaust. If people had watched the show, they perhaps would have realised I offend my ‘wife’ around 300 times and myself even more. A fact that has gone somewhat surprisingly unnoticed by hundreds of complainants who haven’t yet had a chance to catch this latest special.

“Obviously I’ve offended myself the most with some entirely inappropriate self-deprecating humour, so I’m cancelling myself, having offended me beyond the pale!


“Shut up, Jimmy.”