Boris Johnson sang ‘You’ve gotta fight for your right to PAAAARRTY’ to new communications chief

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Boris Johnson told his new director of communications Guto Harri ‘You’ve got to fight -for your right – to PAAAAAARRRTTYY’ by singing him the lines from the Beastie Boys song as he appointed him to the post.

Mr Harri, who also revealed the Prime Minister told him ‘I will Survive’ whilst singing the lyrics to a Gloria Gaynor song in the same conversation revealed the news earlier after a meeting with the Prime Minister who was apparently wearing dark sunglasses and very baggy jeans.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yes he just started singing it, as soon as I walked into the room.

“It started with something about waking up for work but you don’t wanna go, and you ask your wife please but she still says no.

“Then something about smoking, but I think he’d changed part of it to drinking, and his mom throwing away porn mags, it was all very surreal.

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“But then came the best bit, and I could tell he was really excited to sing this bit.

“He just kept jumping up and down in his office screaming ‘ You’ve gotta fight BOOM BOOM for your right BOOM BOOM to PAAAAAAARRTTYY.

“Really really loudly, before eventually singing ‘I will survive’ at the top of his lungs and dancing on the table.”

Asked if he had any form of a serious conversation with the Prime Minister on how to address the current turmoil at Number 10 he told us “He said he likes S Club 7”

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