This incredible TV presenter got on the housing ladder just by making a packed lunch every day and having a rich Baron as a father

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50-year-old television presenter Kirstie Allsopp has spoken to the media about how today’s young people could get on the housing ladder the same way she did, by making their own lunches to save money, and being the daughter of a Baron.

Allsopp, who is keen to be seen as a shining example to anyone in the younger generations who is looking to own their own home, bought her first house after saving hard, tightening her belt, and being gifted a massive deposit by her wealthy father.

Allsopp told us, “Young people today waste so much money on the likes of Netflix, gym memberships and Deliveroo. I knew I needed to tighten my belt a little to save for a house, and so that’s exactly what I did.

“Take-away lunches and posh coffees went out of the window, and I started making my own lunch, sometimes just a baked potato and half a tin of beans, which costs pennies.

“I had saved quite a lot, I’m not sure exactly how much, but then I got a very tiny helping hand from my daddy and I was able to buy my first property.  And I did it all in just a few months, which is incredible really.

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“Sure, having a literal Baron as a father helped, but I know I would have bought that first house just the same if I hadn’t been given all that money, it just would have taken me a little bit longer.  Probably another six months or so at the most, I’ve not done the maths.

“My message to any young person out there who wants to get on the housing ladder is that it’s eminently possible, you just need to cut back on a few things like posh coffees, those ten-quid lunches, and stop being born to parents who aren’t filthy rich.”