Boris Johnson talked about Bruno

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Fresh accusations have been levelled at the Prime Minister this morning.

Following accusations of partying during lockdown, then lying about it, fresh evidence has emerged which suggests Boris Johnson openly talked about Bruno.

“WE DON’T TALK ABOUT BRUNO!” gasped Pepa Madrigal, who has a permanent rain cloud following her and lives in the weirdest house you’ve ever seen.

“The FOOL! The parties, the shenanigans and the general tomfoolery are one thing, but we do not talk about Bruno, not even in the drunken haze of a Downing Street party.

“He must resign.”

A Downing Street spokesperson commented, “I’ll make this quick as I’m resigning in ten minutes.

“The Prime Minister insists that the family Madrigal must wait for the outcome of the police investigation.

“He can neither confirm nor deny that he talked about Bruno while at the party which may or may not have taken place which he may or may not have attended.

“Now, hold this cardboard box while I sweep the contents of my desk into it.”