Most magical part of Encanto is the FREE eleven bedroom house

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The most magical part of Encanto is where Alma Madrigal is given a brand new, eleven bedroom house for absolutely nothing.

Encanto is the magical story of a young girl surrounded by gifted family members with powers such as super strength, amazing hearing and a rain cloud that follows one of them around all the time – which sounds more like an annoyance than a power, but never mind.

“Yeah that was all groovy but DID YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THAT ZERO CHARGE HOUSE?!” exclaimed millennial, Simon Williams, who pays a grand a month to live in a phone booth in London.

“What a miracle. What MAGIC that was. They didn’t even have to pay stamp duty.

“That house was lush as well… eleven bedrooms and three storeys? We real humans can only DREAM!

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, the girl who could make flowers appear from nowhere. That was alright too.

“It’s not a FREE eleven bedroom house though, is it?”