Homeworker narrowly escapes starvation after completely forgetting to have his second breakfast

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A homeworker has narrowly escaped death from starvation today after completely forgetting to have his second breakfast at approximately half-past ten this morning.

Simon Williams, who usually has his first breakfast at half seven, when he gets up with the kids for school, realised he’d completely forgotten his second breakfast earlier after suffering severe stomach cramps and weakness towards the end of a Teams meeting at work.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I could have died. I’d literally not eaten a thing for almost several hours.

“I like to have my breakfast when I get up for work early with the kids, before I pack them off to school, followed by my other breakfast at about half-past ten, when I start to get really hungry.

“But I got involved in some actual work today mid-morning, and then ended up on a Teams meeting, and completely forgot to have my second breakfast.

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“I was absolutely starving, I thought I was going to faint. It was about twenty past eleven and I still had forty minutes until dinner and I was nowhere near the toaster.

“It was quite scary, to be honest, but I managed to get myself to the biscuits and get a few down me with some water, and just lay there trying to rest.”

Asked if he could have maybe waited until lunchtime and just had something to eat then, he told us, “Did you not hear me? I had not eaten anything since seven-thirty in the morning.”

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