‘I’ve seen no evidence of intimidation’ insists Boris Johnson, holding invoice for 54 severed horses heads

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Boris Johnson has insisted today that he has seen no evidence whatsoever of intimidation or blackmail within his party, whilst holding an invoice for 54 severed horses heads.

With news emerging that some Tory MP’s suspected of plotting against the Prime Minister have reported being threatened and intimidated, Boris Johnson has defended his position today by insisting he has seen nothing of the sort, whilst on the phone to his ‘fixer’.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Nope, I know nothing about which you speak. I haven’t seen a thing.

“Well, I say I haven’t SEEN a thing, obviously I’ve arranged some stuff through big Tony my ‘cleaner’ who has had to make a few visits and to ensure people don’t do anything stupid you know.

“And we’ve left the odd little present in people’s beds too, which may have looked like a bleeding severed horses head, just to remind them who they are dealing with… if you know what I mean.

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“And we’ve taken a few photos of people’s kids coming out of school, or their wife getting changed at their home and left them on people’s desks in an oversized brown envelope, while asking if they support the Prime Minister.

“But other than that, I can categorically say that I have seen no evidence of any intimidation, bullying, or blackmail at all within my party.”

Asked if he thinks he should resign he told us, “I know where your wife works… just saying…”

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