Serbia retaliates against Novak Djokovic deportation by expelling two kangaroos from Belgrade zoo

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After days of speculation around Serbia’s response to Australia deporting Serbia national Novak Djokovic, they have finally retaliated by expelling two kangaroos from Belgrade zoo.

The two animals, Boonie and Kiki, tried to protest against their deportation by defecating in their water tank, but this desperate gesture was not enough to convince the Serbian authorities of their right to remain in the country.

Most people in Belgrade and across Serbia support the government’s actions after what they see as unfair treatment of their hero by Australian authorities.

Simon Williamsovic told us, “I don’t think these two Australian nationals were very welcome by the locals here.

“They never made any effort to integrate, they stayed among themselves and continued to jump as if they were in Australia. They never learned our language and were content to yell incomprehensible things at all hours of the day and night.

“We have our ways of doing things, and they did not even try to play by our rules, so they have to go. Good riddance.”

If the Serbian retaliation does not satisfy locals still angered by Australia, other sanctions of this type could emerge.

A source tells us that authorities are exploring the possible removal of Serbian nationality from “Doudou and Nachos”, the two koalas who are star attractions at the zoo.

However, the two marsupials did not wish to comment on the speculation and preferred instead to continue sleeping twenty hours a day.

This article first appeared on our French partner site, Le Gorafi. You can read the original here.