Raccoon City residents protest restrictions to prevent spread of T-Virus

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Scuffles broke out with local law enforcement today, as residents of Raccoon City took to the streets to demand T-Virus restrictions be lifted immediately.

Claiming that the T-Virus was a ‘scam’ and that it had ‘just escaped from some lab or other’, many protesters also told us that police and military had been shooting victims who refused to take antiviral treatments.

With placards reading “Umbrella – Unbelievable!” and “Alex Wesker is innocent!”, protesters said that restrictions were unnecessary as the T-Virus is no worse than the flu and everything else is just a plot to control the people.

“It’s all a hoax,” protester Simon-Bob Williams told us.

“They tell us people are dying from the T-Virus, but I know that ain’t true – I’ve seen a whole bunch of so-called ‘victims’ up and about and walking around!

“And now they’re talking about some so-called ‘vaccine’ being developed at Raccoon General for workers in high-risk professions, but I’ll tell you this – if I want to go to my job at the Incineration Disposal Plant with my blood as God made it so help me I will.

“Natural Immunity is a thing, you know.”

When asked if he was concerned about his brain being eaten, Simon-Bob went on to say that he didn’t feel he was at any risk of that.