NewsThump presents the hot new word game – Thora Hird-le

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Wordle! Everyone loves this thinly-veiled rip-off of the Mastermind board game. But, for some people, guessing a five-letter word is too easy and provides an all-too-brief respite from their otherwise miserable existence.

For those people. Those people who need a real challenge, NewsThump presents Thora Hird-le.

To enjoy Thora Hird-le, simply create a grid of boxes 9 wide and 6 tall.

Then, using only six guesses, try and arrange the following letters into the name of much-loved star of Last of the Summer Wine – ‘Thora Hird’



  • Write your first guess into the top row on your grid.
  • Check your answer against the solution – ‘Thora Hird.’
  • For every letter in the correct place, colour the box in green. For every letter that is in the solution, but in the wrong place, colour the box in a sort of grimy yellow.
  • Take another guess based on your results.
  • Continue on until you have correctly guessed ‘Thora Hird’ and then go on about it on Twitter.
  • If you don’t guess ‘Thora Hird’ in six goes, then accept you are a failure at Thora Hird-le just like you are at everything in your pathetic life.

For tomorrow’s game, simple create another grid and start again.

Coming Soon: Douglas Hurd-le