Reprieve for Boris Johnson as Supreme Court rules you CAN break laws if you don’t know about them

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The Supreme Court has this afternoon offered the Prime Minister a much-needed boost by declaring that ignorance of the law IS a cast-iron defence when you break the law.

Just hours after the prime minister once again openly admitted to breaking lockdown rules, the Supreme Court has come to his rescue by ruling that he didn’t do anything wrong if he didn’t know the rules that he himself had created.

A statement from the court read, “We’ve always thought it was a bit unfair that people have to go around abiding by all these laws, even though the average person only knows about 5% of them.

“Should a person really be found guilty if they were entirely ignorant of the law they broke? I mean, yes, for hundreds of years the answer to that question has been a resounding ‘yes’, but right now we feel that we need a change of approach.

“Our prison system is overcrowded due to us repeatedly convicting people who broke laws they probably didn’t even know about – so let’s change the system.  If you didn’t realise your actions were illegal, then you are, by default, innocent.

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“It is nothing more than a coincidence that we are doing this the very day the prime minister admitted to breaking lockdown rules.

“Some will question how he could be ignorant of the very rules that he himself implemented, but we would just remind people that he’s a work-shy charlatan who is unlikely to have paid a moment’s notice the details of the laws he implemented.

“So yes, he’s definitely innocent.”

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