Nadine Dorries proudly brings a big dog she saved to Downing Street

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Nadine Dorries, Minister for Letting People Be A Bit Racist on Telly, has brought a big dog that she’s adopted to Downing Street.

She was seen walking a large Doberman up the street and, when questioned by reporters, she took a few moments to explain herself.

“Our Prime Minister has made it clear that Operation Save Big Dog should be the number one concern of all ministers.

“Coronavirus, supply-chain problems, the cost-of-living crisis. All of these things should be put to one side. Operation Big Dog is all that matters. If that means the people of this country are sick, starving or in poverty then, the Prime Minister has made it clear, that is all perfectly acceptable as long as Operation Save Big Dog is successful.”

She then bent down and playfully scratched behind the ears of the Doberman.

“So, this here is Barry – a big dog that I’ve adopted to save it from a difficult life on the streets. I’m now just going to present it to the Prime Minister so he can see that Operation Save Big Dog is off to a good start.”

Dominic Raab was seen walking up Downing Street several minutes later with a large Alsatian.

It is widely thought that if Boris Johnson didn’t sack all the Tories with more than two brain cells to rub together in the Brexit fallout, then he might have had the intellectual support to ride out the current crisis.

But he did.

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