Prince Andrew to retain title of Mummy’s Special Little Soldier

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Despite having all of his royal titles revoked, Prince Andrew has been told he will retain the title of Mummy’s Special Little Soldier.

Andrew, who will now fight the civil sexual abuse case in the United States as a private citizen, is said to be relieved to have kept the one title that means the most to him.

Royal correspondent Simon Bouffant-Williams told us, “Andrew has always been mummy’s favourite, she’s always liked and encouraged his playful little rebellious streak. Which has worked out really well in the long term, don’t you think?

“So you can imagine his delight that he will still be known as Mummy’s Special Little Soldier to the Queen, even if no one else on the planet will use that title.

“The royal staff will be using ‘Sir’, or ‘Andrew’ when he’s present, but I hear that when he’s not in the building the staff at Buckingham Palace are rather fond of ‘Sir Noncealot’.”

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