Prince Andrew court verdict proves once again that rich, powerful, white guys just can’t catch a break

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The court decision that a civil case against Prince Andrew can go ahead just goes to prove something that everyone knows – rich, powerful, white guys just can’t get a break.

“The chips are definitely stacked against rich, powerful, white guys in society,” said Simon Williams, a rich, powerful, white guy who, frankly, has had enough.

“Whenever anything goes wrong, blame the rich, powerful, white guy. If there’s a sexual assault case, it must be the rich, powerful, white guy. A group of people have a bit of a party in the sun, well, blame the rich, powerful, white guy.

“I’m sick of it. We’re just trying to quietly get on with living our best life and there’s just this constant drumbeat – ‘Ooo, you fiddled your taxes’, ‘Ooo, you mistreat your employees’, ‘Ooo you were mates with a paedophile’ – just leave us alone, you know? Go and have a go at black people, they don’t get anywhere near the grief we get.”

Mr Williams had a solution to the constant bothering of rich, powerful, white guys.

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“I think that if someone is bothering a rich, powerful, white guy, then we should just be allowed to pay them some money, a hundred grand say, and then they have to go away and leave us alone.

“Perhaps that will finally stop this terrible oppression of rich, powerful, white guys.”