Nicola Sturgeon begs BBC to give Jacob Rees-Mogg all the airtime he wants

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After spending years attacking the BBC for not giving the Nationalist cause enough coverage, the SNP are understood to be delighted with the airtime their message has been getting in the last few days.

Despite not being a member of their party, Senior Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg has been delivering a full-throated rendition of major SNP talking-points every time the BBC has pointed a camera at him, and Nicola Sturgeon has written to the Director General of the Corporation begging for him to get a regular slot on Newsnight.

“Whenever we go on the BBC we’re asked tricky questions like ‘What’s the plan?’, and ‘How will this work’, which are obviously designed to make us look stupid and incompetent and that’s discriminatory and unfair,” said SNP spokesman Simon McWilliams.

“But whenever Rees-Mogg goes on we just get to silently point at the screen and we immediately get a ten-point boost in the polls.

“He’s our greatest asset, and when we’re free – FREEDOM – he’ll be the first recipient of the Order of the Thistle.

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“Hurrah for the BBC! Despite everything we might have said until now, we’re huge supporters.”