Using American spellings is cheating, Wordle told

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Using American spellings in a word game played by people who can spell just isn’t playing fair, popular online puzzle game Wordle has been told today.

Wordle, which has taken social media by storm and left millions of people very keen to show off their insecurities by posting their successes in recent weeks, has led to dismay today when the puzzle used a pretend word that doesn’t even exist in proper dictionaries.

Americans are well-known for taking proper words and then making them easier for the slightly thick or lazy, as Professor Simon Williams of the Kettering Institute of Wordology explained.

“There are two ways Americans make words worse; firstly by removing letters from the word which, by a form of intellectual alchemy, also reduces the concept the word represents.

“For example in Britain we have ‘Humour’, which is something that is funny, and in the USA they have ‘Humor’, which is something that isn’t.

“And secondly they take proper words and just spell them wrong. For example ‘Pavement’ is spelled p-a-v-e-m-e-n-t and not s-i-d-e-w-a-l-k.”

When asked to comment, the creators of Wordle said “A-ding dang doo, boy! Yaa-haaa! USA USA!!”

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