Leaked footage shows nobody in Downing Street has washed their hands for two years

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Downing Street staff haven’t washed their hands since the start of the pandemic, new videos show.

Newly released CCTV footage shows that Downing Street staff have been routinely ignoring yet more coronavirus guidance, this time relating to handwashing.

“The astonishing and damning footage comes from a number of security cameras around Number 10, including those inside the toilets and bathrooms,” explained Political Analyst Simon Williams.

“Aides and ministers alike are shown emerging from toilet cubicles, giving their hands a cursory wipe on their trousers and then immediately heading back out into the corridor.

“Many guests will be appalled to see themselves shaking hands with staff mere moments after they coughed and sneezed directly into their hands, or worse still handled their own genitalia.

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“Perhaps most remarkable is the fact that in March 2020 Mr Johnson hired plumbers to remove all the taps from Downing Street. It’s almost as if he’s wilfully ignoring his own rules.

“One Downing Street visitor, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me that they actually asked where they could wash their hands and were told by the PM himself ‘not to worry about that nonsense’.

“This is another difficult development for a Prime Minister who’s already under fire for attending parties during lockdown. What will the electorate think of a man who can’t even be bothered to wash the stench of cheese and wine off his hands?”

Boris continues to insist that he has always followed the appropriate guidance and that his hands are clean.

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