Spider-Man No Way Home opens possibility of universe where UK government isn’t entirely populated by incompetent populist shitehawks

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Having taken well over a billion dollars at the box office, Spider-Man No Way Home has given cinema-goers a brief glimpse of the possibility of a parallel universe where the UK government isn’t entirely reprehensible.

Cinema critic and political analyst Simon Williams said that although the new Spider-Man film has opened a plethora of story-telling opportunities, is has also opened people’s eyes to the possibilities for their own lives.

He went on, “What we’ve seen in the latest Marvel and Sony collaboration is the idea of ‘the multiverse’, and with it, worlds that are very similar to our own, but very slightly different in subtle ways.

“For example, there could a universe out there where the prime minister is still Boris Johnson, but a slightly different Boris Johnson, one who looks perhaps a little less like a homeless person attending court in a borrowed suit, and is actually borderline competent.

“I know I’m setting the bar pretty low by imagining a universe with a ‘borderline competent’ Boris Johnson, but even with science fiction, you have to keep it plausible. It has to be within the realms of possibility, oe people will simply switch off.

“So it doesn’t matter which version of Boris Johnson you’ve got, in whichever of the many universes he exists, he’s going to have an element of complete fuckwittery about him – it’s inevitable.”

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