Novak Djokovic’s latest room service order includes a large poster of Rita Hayworth and a small rock hammer

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A room service order made by tennis star Novak Djokovic is said to have included a large poster of Rita Hayworth and a small rock hammer it is revealed today.

The order, which also included eggs benedict with some freshly squeezed orange juice, along with a hollowed-out Bible was delivered to his room this morning by a waiter who was subsequently tipped with 3 packets of Chesterfield cigarettes.

Hotel manager Simon Williams confirmed, “It’s what he asked for. He must be a fan of the legendary actress.

“We’ve had Novak staying in our hotel for a couple of days now and he’s not been much trouble at all really, apart from a few strange requests and slightly odd patterns of behaviour.

“Such as carving a line on the wall for each of the days he’s been here. And asking if he can work in the laundry, and refusing to use the showers, just in case.

“Anyway, yesterday he requested a very large poster of 1940s actress Rita Hayworth which he wanted to put on his wall, and a small rock hammer because he said he was carving some chess pieces.

“I wouldn’t mind but we have a chess set in reception that he can use if he wants, but he insisted, before going to bed at ‘lights out’ which is actually whenever he wants because this is a hotel, but he went to bed at 8pm.”

Asked out of curiosity what is behind the wall where he has put the poster of Rita Hayworth we were told, “Room 204 I think. I can get him a key if he likes?”