Man who has never encountered satire before concludes ‘Don’t Look Up’ is really good

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A man who has never before come across satire in any form has watched Don’t Look Up and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Don’t Look Up? Brilliant. The way it used humour to point out stuff that was wrong with the world? Really clever,” explained Simon Williams.

“I mean, it’s like I’m laughing, but I’m also going ‘hmm, yeah, everything is actually pretty awful when you think about it’ which I thought was really cool.”

Mr Williams was particularly taken with the plot.

“Yeah, I mean, it was about this meteor that was going to destroy the planet. Except, twist, it wasn’t really about that, the plot was really about how the people in charge would react to the meteor destroying the planet. It was like it could have been anything, not just a meteor. The point is that the people in charge would be rubbish at dealing with it.

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“It’s like, it’s saying that the people in charge are rubbish at stuff, and it’s saying it in a funny way. That’s is pretty revolutionary when you think about it.”

Mr Williams hoped that this ‘satire’ would catch on.

“I’d definitely like to see some more of this so-called satire,” he said.

“If only there was a website or something that did a quick burst of satire you could consume quickly whilst sat on the bog. Possibly in the form of 2-300 word articles.

“Someone should do that.”