Man finally able to visit family in Australia after purchasing some plane tickets and a tennis racquet

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A man is finally able to visit his family in Australia, after buying himself some plane tickets and a nice new Slazenger tennis racquet.

Simon Williams, who has also bought some tennis balls just to make sure he gets in, revealed his jubilation earlier after discovering on the news that people can get into the country, without even having a vaccine, as long as they are good at tennis.

Speaking earlier he told us, “This is great news, because I’m also an anti-vaxxer, but pretty decent at tennis.

“I have been trying to get to Australia for months now, because I really miss my family, but the rules are just so strict over there I had absolutely no chance of travelling.

“But then I saw on the news that they are letting tennis players in, just because they play tennis, regardless of the rules or whether they have even been vaccinated.

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“I mean, I haven’t played for a few years, but I remember I was pretty decent in my day so I’ve bought myself a new racket and a tube of brand new balls.

“I can’t bloody wait to get there now I’m so glad they are suddenly so accommodating.”

Asked to comment on the news, local resident Jack Staples, who hasn’t been able to travel for two years told us, “Sorry can’t stop -I ’m off to the sports shop.”