Man inspired to take up darts as a ‘sport’ heads straight to the pub to start training

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A man who has been inspired to take up darts as a sport, after watching last nights final, has headed straight to the pub to start drinking and throwing small arrows at a board.

Simon Williams, who watched the World Championship pissed in the crowd, whilst dressed as a Smurf and waving a large foam 180, made his decision this morning after waking at home with a hangover and deciding he needed a new ‘sport’.

Speaking earlier he told us, “New Year New Me – I’m going to be a sportsman, and I’m heading straight to the boozer to do it.

“I’ve been meaning to take up a new sport for a while now, after becoming a little overweight and generally drinking too much, but to be honest nothing in the sporting arena really appealed to me.

“Then I saw these ‘sportsmen’ on telly, just stood there throwing darts at a board, and actually getting paid quite a lot of money for doing so. It’s fucking brilliant.

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“It looked right up my street, to be honest, literally just stood there playing that game you play with your mate in the pub. It’s like playing chase the ace or dominos or something, but as a proper sport.

“Well they have a dartboard at our local boozer The Snipe Inn so I am heading right there as soon as it opens to start some intensive training.”

Asked how long he intends to train for each day he told us, “About 7 or 8 pi… I mean hours.”