Everyone to receive enough XP to level up after surviving 2021

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After a challenging encounter with 2021, everyone is to receive enough XP to get their next level.

2021, which has been described as overpowered and should have been nerfed for the player level, was finally vanquished last night leaving party members exhausted but happy they finally took it down.

Despite the XP reward, 2021 is not understood to have dropped any treasure or loot, and a quick search of the body proved fruitless.

”It was a heck of a scrap,” said 41-year-old Simon Williams.

“It seems like we spent all year just fighting 2021 and whenever we thought we’d beaten it, instead it buffed up and came back for another round.

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“The DM seriously overcooked the encounter; after 2020 we’d hoped a lesson had been learned about campaign balance, but no.

”I was hoping for a decent amount of gold after the fight 2021 gave us, but I’m still skint as well. I’ll tell you what, whoever wrote this campaign needs to seriously look at their priorities.”

Party members are warned that as they’ve got enough XP to level up, that will just increase the Challenge rating of 2022.

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