Man doesn’t realise he’s still wearing Christmas cracker hat

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Humiliatingly, a man is still walking around with a paper hat on his head, almost a week after pulling his cracker.

Hilarity has ensued in the Williams household.

More than three days after opening his Christmas cracker, Dad Simon is unwittingly going about his business with a blue paper crown on his head.

“He hasn’t got a clue!” snorted Simon’s wife Karen through tears of laughter.

“Everyone else binned their hats as soon as we finished Christmas lunch, but Simon headed straight to his armchair to sleep off the wine.

“As the day progressed we all just assumed he was feeling particularly Christmassy this year.

“I nearly said something when he went to bed wearing it, but I thought it would come off during the night.

“Somehow, it was still there at breakfast! A little crumpled but still very much on his head.

“He noticed us staring and asked if he had another grey hair.

“The kids looked at me and I put my finger to my lips – let’s see how long this would last! Probably until his morning shower.

“But no – Simon emerged from the bathroom with freshly washed hair and a soggy paper hat! I thought it would disintegrate but the hairdryer seemed to save it. And now here we are almost a week later and it’s still there.

“At least I feel less bad about all the times he hasn’t noticed my view hairdo – he obviously just has the observation skills of a fish finger.”

Simon said, “It’s been such a nice Christmas break – the whole family has been smiling and laughing almost continuously.

“It’s just weird how you always have the sensation that you’ve still got your Christmas cracker hat on, isn’t it?”