‘Leave me alone or I’ll go back to my own planet and take all my satellites with me’ warns Elon Musk

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Elon Musk has warned today that if people don’t stop picking on him he will head off home to his own planet and take all his satellites with him.

With further criticism aimed at billionaire alien Musk this week because of his Starlink satellite system, he has responded today by declaring if people don’t leave him alone he will jump on one of his rockets, and piss off home to zznooplrotxz.

Speaking earlier he warned, “I’ll just go home if this carries on, to my own planet and take all my satellites with me.

“And all my cars too, along with all the bitcoin, which isn’t even a tangible thing, but I’m having it all anyway because you guys are pissing me right off.

“All I want to do is launch thousands of satellites all over space so I can take over the Internet and ultimately take over your shit planet and the rest of the solar system.

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“But everyone keeps moaning and saying that I’ve launched too many and I’m not being fair.

“Well, how’s this for fair, I’ll just take everything I own right back to zznooplrotxz and leave you all here with Jeff fucking Bezos and Richard bastard Branston. See how you like that.”

Asked how far away his own planet is we were told, “A couple of light-years. But there’s a services just outside xxxkklipop which is great.”