‘I just need to get it all out of the house by new year’ says man eating Toblerone for breakfast

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A man who ate a Toblerone and half a chocolate orange for breakfast has insisted today he just needs to get all the chocolate out of the house so he can start his diet for New Year.

Simon Williams, who is also having Lindt Lindor for lunch along with a box of After Eight mints, made his claim earlier after washing down his lunch with some Baileys whilst downloading a new fitness app on his phone for next week.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I can’t have any of it in the house after tomorrow.

“I’m going to be right in the zone, with nothing bad passing my lips whatsoever, for at least seven or eight days, until I fall off the wagon and start eating shite again.

“That’s why I have decided to eat every single bit of chocolate I own before January 1st, which is quite a lot, because I bought most of it myself, just to have in over Christmas, you know, ‘in case’.

“And all of the crisps as well, along with five different blocks of cheese, which I will have to have as an afternoon snack.

“Obviously I might put on a few pounds getting rid of it all but thankfully I am going to be on a major diet in the new year, so I can lose all the weight I’ve put on.

“Well some of it anyway, as I usually get bored with all that ‘new year new me’ shit within a week or so.”