Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to six months in prison or life, whichever comes first

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After being found guilty on five of six counts of child trafficking and procurement, Ghislaine Maxwell faces six months in prison – or life, whichever comes first.

Handing down the sentence, Justice Simon-Bob Williams told Maxwell that she faced spending the rest of her life in the cells beneath the court – or if that didn’t happen, she’d be taken to actual prison in the morning.

Prosecutors said they’d asked for a whole-life tariff, and in pursuit of that result, they’d asked for the security cameras to be turned off.

“The sentence is a good result for both the innocent and other implicated parties,” we were told by a court spokesman.

”Maxwell and Epstein’s victims know that she will receive the full force of the law, and the people in that little black book can be confident she won’t.”

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