Friday 24 December 2021 by Mark Molloy

Three Wise Men spotted arguing in Leeds after following the International Space Station by mistake

Leeds and the three wise men

The Three Wise Men have been spotted today arguing in Leeds, after following the International Space Station for hundreds of miles by mistake.

The men, who were hoping to be led to Jesus after hearing about his impending birth, realised their mistake earlier after ending up outside a Primark in Leeds with not a single Lord Saviour in sight.

Speaking earlier, Wise man number two confirmed, “We’ve fucked this right up haven’t we?

“We were meant to follow a really bright star which would lead us to our saviour, a newborn King, because we’ve got some presents for him which – if I’m being honest – cost an absolute bleeding fortune.

“So we spotted this really bright one racing across the sky and thought that must be it and sped right after it on our donkeys.

“We know he’s due to be born in the morning because it says so in the Bible, so we checked where it had led us and we’ve ended up in fucking Leeds.

“Anyway, turns out we’ve been following the pissing International Space Station, for about four days, what a waste of bloody time, I’m absolutely fuming.”

Asked if he thinks they can make their way to Bethlehem on time to where Jesus will be born he told us, “No chance. Got to wait for a PCR result now.”

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