Man confident he can avoid testing positive before Christmas day by not taking any tests before Christmas

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A man is now confident that he can make it to Christmas day without testing positive for Covid, by not actually taking a test for Covid until New Year.

Simon Williams, who has decided he is spending Christmas with his family regardless what anyone says, revealed his confidence earlier today after walking to his kitchen and throwing all his testing kits straight in the bin.

Speaking earlier he revealed, “I think I’m going to make it, I just really can’t see myself testing positive between now and Christmas Day.

“Mainly because I have thrown all of my testing kits in the bin, and have absolutely no intention of actually taking any test until at least January 2nd, so I can ensure my Christmas isn’t ruined.

“Obviously I am aware of the rules, that you need to isolate if you have a positive test for the virus, which is why I don’t want a positive test for the virus.

“And the best way to ensure you don’t test positive for Covid is by not actually taking a Covid test at all, no matter how you feel or where you have actually been, because then you might have to stay at home isolating and completely miss Christmas day.

“Christ, could you imagine? That would be awful. I can’t think of anything worse.”

Asked who he is intending on spending Christmas day with, he told us, “Oh, just my elderly parents who each have a number of underlying health issues, it will be fine.”