Child completely rewrites Christmas list with three days to go

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With just a few days to go until Santa visits, a six-year-old has totally changed his mind about what he wants for Christmas.

In the midst of supply chain concerns, Simon Williams ensured that his son Jake wrote his Christmas list nice and early.

“It was done and dusted by mid-October,” said Simon. “He wanted footie stuff – a football, goals, goalie gloves, a kit…

“Basically, he liked football. He loved football! And continued to do so – right up until this morning.

“Now, based on a brief conversation we had last night about the stars, he likes space and wants a telescope.

“Football is apparently ‘boring’.

“I explained that it’s a bit short notice for Santa and that the elves will have already made his goals and stitched together his kit.

“Jake replied by saying that Santa was magic and that if he could manipulate time to visit all the boys and girls in a single night then a few days notice was surely plenty of time to source a top of the range telescope.

“I explained that this space thing could be a flash in the pan and it was probably better to ask for things associated with something he’d liked for ages. Namely, football.

“Jake replied by saying that his heart was now set on a telescope and surely Santa wouldn’t be so callous as break his heart on Christmas morning.

“I’m now frantically researching telescopes on Amazon while hoping Jake does something really naughty today so I can explain why his wish didn’t come true.”

Jake said, “Mum and Dad have already bought me all the football stuff I want – it’s all wrapped up in their wardrobe.

“But now there’s a chance they’ll also get me a telescope. Well, worth a shot, innit?”