Three Wise Men spotted frantically scouring Boots ‘mix and match’ gift aisle

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Three Wise Men have been spotted today frantically scouring the mix and match gift aisle at Boots.

The men, who were reportedly dressed up as Kings were spotted earlier this morning arguing over a Yankee Candle and deodorant after apparently following a star for some days.

Store manager Simon Williams revealed, “Yeah there were some wise men in earlier, about half-past nine.

“They said they needed three pretty decent presents for a new baby king, which actually made no sense, so I immediately directed them to the newborn baby aisle and suggested some bubble bath and a teething ring.

“After some intense deliberation, they decided they needed something considerably better than that so started to just look all over for anything they could find.

“It must have been pretty important, because they weren’t going for the cheap five or six quid shit like everyone else does at this time of year.

“They were looking at the proper twenty-five-pounds-a-gift options, with the cheapest one free, which was also eighteen quid to be fair, and when they had finally made a decision they ran out of the store in a pretty big hurry.”

Asked what they eventually left with we were told, “Just some Sanctuary shite, a No 7 eyeshadow set and an overpriced cheese board.”