Lord Frost immediately issues scathing condemnation of David Frost’s resignation

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Hours after Brexit minister David Frost resigned, tory peer and prominent eurosceptic Lord Frost furiously criticised the decision calling it short-sighted, harmful and completely unworkable.

In an audition tape for GB News, the man seen as the architect of Brexit explained why the actions of the Brexit minister who negotiated on our behalf were foolish and self-serving.

He went on, “This is a gift to our opposition in the EU and in Westminster. And to do this in the middle of crucial negotiations on the status of Northern Ireland is unconscionable.

“Honestly, it just looks like Frost is another opportunistic Tory who will stab his former friend when he is down just so he can jostle for position as the head of the xenophobic crank wing of the party.

“We are witnessing yet another act of self-sabotage by brexiteers who seem hellbent on giving credence to the accusation that they are either too obsessed with their own advancement or too stupid to understand the consequence of their actions.

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“It’s especially galling as he owes his prominence to Boris Johnson. He didn’t do great at the Foreign Office with the pinnacle of his career being his role as the ambassador to Denmark. He was basically an unknown whisky lobbyist begging to stay in the single market when Boris tapped him to become the most important diplomat since Anthony Eden. It’s pathetic!”

Although the reasons for the resignation were kept secret, government insiders have claimed Lord Frost was increasingly unhappy with Boris Johnson’s government with regards to tax cuts and the acceptability of being polite to foreigners.

The EU did not officially comment but whoever was manning the phones was clearly jealous that someone named Simon had just won some sort of sweepstake.