‘Die Hard is NOT a Christmas film’ insists man who doesn’t appear to know what an office Christmas party is

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Die Hard is definitely not a Christmas film it has been claimed today, by a man who appears to have no idea whatsoever what an office Christmas party is, or what a Christmas song sounds like.

Simon Williams, who also doesn’t appear to know that Christmas is in December, or that people give out presents, made the bizarre claim earlier whilst choosing a classic Christmas film to watch later with his family.

Speaking earlier he told us, “Die Hard is not a Christmas film. It was just set entirely at a big Christmas party that’s all. A Christmas party with a Christmas tree and lots of Christmas decorations.

“And it’s set in the month of December, when John McClane was coming home to see his kids – for Christmas.

“And the film has a number of different Christmas songs played throughout the film to add to the seasonal festivities, including ‘Let it Snow’ which everyone knows is as Christmassy as it gets.

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“Plus, one of the bad guys dressed up in a lift in a Santa hat with ‘Ho Ho Ho’ on his jumper, and all of this is happening on Christmas fucking Eve.

“None of which makes it a Christmas film at all to be honest, because it’s not about Father Christmas, or the North Pole or elves or magic reindeer.”

Asked what magical Christmas film all about Santa he has decided to watch we were told, “The Holiday, or maybe Home Alone.”

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