Anti-vaxxer calls librarian ‘fascist’ for refusing to lend him books unless he produces ‘his papers’

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A local anti-vaxxer has today declared his local library ‘entirely fascist’ after they refused to lend him books unless he could produce valid identification and/or a membership card.

Simon Williams, 35, has been telling anyone who would listen, and plenty of people who wouldn’t, that the country is clearly under a fascist regime after the local library refused to let him take out several Andy McNab thrillers.

As he told his friends in a lengthy Facebook diatribe, “How is possible that in today’s free society I can be denied the right to access books from the library like everyone else simply because I refuse to conform like all those sheep with membership cards?

“You can’t force me to join the library – it’s my choice. But here they are punishing me for expressing my right to freedom.  It isn’t freedom if you have to keep producing your papers to do every little thing.  Wake up sheeple!

“People said I was being hysterical when I insisted this government was copying the Nazi playbook, well they’re not laughing now!”

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Williams was then pointed towards the dozens of laugh reactions on his Facebook post before he insisted they were clearly all cry-laughing in support of his position.

Williams’ co-worker Derek Matthews told us, “Honestly, going to the library in the first place is a step in the right direction for Simon, though I suspect the moment he reads something from there that disagrees with his world view he’ll insist the entire publishing industry is part of an elaborate conspiracy to enslave the freemen of the land.”