Woman in Hallmark Christmas movie finally realises she was WRONG to have a career

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The lead female character in a Hallmark Christmas movie has finally come to her senses and realised her ten-year career isn’t important.

Susie McNiceteeth spent the first two-thirds of The Inevitable Christmas falling in love with Jonathan Widower and his adorable daughter, Jennifer, before declaring she would have to leave the log cabin in the mountains to return to her job as a journalist.

“But now I realise I was wrong,” declared Susie, bursting back through the front door of the log cabin after her inevitable epiphany in the car, just at the end of Jonathan’s inexplicably MASSIVE driveway.

“I shouldn’t have a CAREER, that’s for women who have died inside. I should be here, with John, and with Jennifer, and become the wife and mother they deserve after last one snuffed it, probably at her JOB.

“Evil, evil jobs. I’m glad I left mine in the name of boffing this bloke I’ve known for a week.

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“That said, I hope Jonathan DOES have a job. I assume he does… despite the fact this film is two hours long, it’s never been brought up; we’ve been too busy discussing MY job and the fact I shouldn’t have one, because it’s Christmas.

“He must have a job. This place is a palace.”

Jonathan exclaimed “You came back!” as the music reached a crescendo.

“It’s going to be a magical Christmas after all!

“It will be our last one, mind. The bank is coming for the house. But it’s nice to see you.”