Kleptomaniacs reminded there are only 11 shoplifting days till Christmas

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Kleptomaniacs have been reminded that there are only eleven more shoplifting days until Christmas ensuring even the pickiest of thieves pulls his finger out.

With the festive season set to be record-breakingly expensive, shoplifters are keen to pick up a bargain, before putting it under their coat and leaving the store.

Experience shoplifter Simon Williams told us, “Christmas is a wonderful time of year for kleptomaniacs, as you can think of others while helping yourself to goods from other people and businesses.

“Plus it’s actually much more of a buzz to steal an iPod for your niece than it is to steal one for yourself. That’s part of the magic of Christmas.

“I mean, she’s only two, and therefore not likely to be listening to music through headphones yet, but that’s not the point. It’s the thought that counts, and I definitely thought about her while checking for security cameras and store security staff. It’s good to follow protocols like that even when you’re wearing a mask that renders you unrecognisable.

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“As I was running away from them through the shopping centre all I could think of was her face when she gets to open it.

“Oh, this isn’t about me being in poverty or anything. I mean, I could have bought it, I’m loaded – but where’s the fun in that?”